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Yunnan Baiyao Capsule or

name  Yunnan Baiyao Jiaonang,

is a capsule preparation of Yunnan

Baiyao. Each box contains 16 capsules

and a red insurance particle. Each

capsule contains 0.25g Yunnan Baiyao

Powder. He can facilitate patients to

take it according to their needs


Yunnan Baiyao Capsules One box

Model: Yunnan Baiyao Capsules
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Yunnan Baiyao Capsules(Jiaonang)(250mg X 16 capsules) 

& 250mg in one capsules, 16 capsules  per package total 4 g
 & Each package  contains a bonus red pill for internal use in case of serious injury. 


Yunnan Baiyao be used to stops bleeding, disperses stagnant blood, tonifies and invigorates blood, stops pain. Valuable first-aid remedy for internal and external bleeding, traumatic swelling, ulcer bleeding, and hot skin infections (carbuncles). Can be taken internally or applied externally.

Yunnan Baiyao may be used as first-aid for any kind of traumatic injury or internal bleeding, whether one has a small cut, bruise, swelling, a serious wound from gun shots, an internal injury from car accidents or fighting, or bleeding from surgery and stomach ulcers etc. One may simply pour the Yunnan Baiyao power on to the cut and/or swallow the power. 

Doctors in China also let patients take Yunnan Baiyao before surgeries (0 to 5 days) because studies show that Yunnan Baiyao can reduce the amount of bleeding during operation. When applied after operation, Yunnan Baiyao may promote healing from the wound.

For adults, take 0.25 g - 0.5 g (1-2 capsules) each time, 4 times daily. The maximal dosage should not exceed 0.5 g once every four hours. For bleeding injuries, it is better to take the powder with warm water; For swelling, take it with wine. The powder can also be applied externally to arrest bleeding. 
For children: 2 to 5 years old, take 1/4 the adult dose each time; 5 to 12 years old, take half the adult dose each time each time. 
For patches, applied only externally to the affected area.

Side Effects:
Yunnan Baiyao has been safely used with few adverse effects when it is used as directed. 


Cautious Notes: 
1. Do not take Yunnan Baiyao in pregnancy!
2. Do not take Yunnan Baiyao if you are allergic to it.
3. If conditions do not improve or even get worsen after 3 days, discontinue it.
4. Not suitable for people with severe irregular heartbeat.
5. For best results, avoid consuming fish, beef, lamb, beans, and cold food at the same time.
6. Keep out of touch of children.

 Yunnan Baiyao be used to stops bleeding, activates blood circulation, disperses blood stasis,alleviates pain, clears away toxins, and reduce swelling. In studies, Yunnan Baiyao is shown to shorten the bleeding time and clotting time and reduce inflammatory response. This is the original Yunnan Baiyao in capsules.

Where is red insurance Pills


Yunnan Baiyao Capsules Dosage For Dogs

open capsule and sprinkle on superficial wounds, bleeding tumors, etc.

one (250 mg) capsule per 10 kg, once to twice a day,

one capsule per 5 kg daily, given as divided doses, if possible ¼ tsp per 5-7 kg, OR 60-75 mg/kg, at least once a day ,

75-100 mg/kg daily, given as divided doses;

<15 kg = 1 capsule P.O. twice a day;

15-30 kg = 2 capsules P.O. twice a day,

>30 = 2 capsules P.O. three times a day.         

Yunnan Baiyao Powder Dosage For Race Horses

Suggested Use: The day before competition, give 1 full bottle of the Yunnan Baiyao powder, AM & PM, but save the red pills. On the morning of competition give 1 full bottle of the powder again saving the red pill. Then at the Lasix shot use the 4th bottle of Yunnan Baiyao powder. At this time give all the 4 red pills that you have saved to the horse. 

Special Note: If the horse has bled thru everything that vets, herbs, vitamins, acupuncture can do, you may try 2 bottles at a time.

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