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Yunnan Baiyao Tincture/Yunnan Baiyao Ding(Yunnan Paiyao Tincture)

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Traditional herbal formula activating blood circulation, dispersing blood clots, reducing swellings, relieving pain, minor injury, blood stasis, and rheumatic pain, etc.


Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Baoxianye (red coloured can)

         For use in cases of serious trauma, e.g. severe sprains, muscular strain, bruising, etc. spray immediately on affected area. Should relief not be felt within two or three minutes, re-apply. Do not use on open wounds or cuts.

Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Spray (cream coloured can - same as Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol)
          Should relief not be complete after applying Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol Baoxianye, regular four hourly treatments with this aerosol will complete the process. Additionally, this spray has proven extremely effective in the treatment of arthritis, muscular aches and pains (Including back ache) and stiffness of limbs. Simply apply at four hourly intervals until complete relief is felt.
         For open cuts and wounds, spray with Yunnan Baiyao Aerosol, and cover with plaster or bandage. Yunnan Baiyao acts as an antiseptic, whilst creating a healing film on the wound to speed up recovery. It also invigorates blood circulation to further promote the healing process.