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Complimentary Yunnan Baiyao Capsules activities


Complimentary Yunnan Baiyao Capsules activities 



As Yunnan Baiyao Capsule has miraculous efficacy in the treatment of dogs hemangioma and racing horse bleeding and other cancer hemorrhage, we try our best to provide a small part of the free goods on trial (12 boxes/week, about two cases, 6 boxes/case). In order to make these urgently needed but due to lack of purchasing power, can use it to reduce their pains.

Gift object:

1. Economic hardship but extreme needed

2. Because of financial difficulties and the extreme need, pet agencies or medical units can receive on behalf of

3.Some non-profit institutions with limited funds, such as institutions or individuals that adopt stray dogs.

4. there are other units and individuals that do not mention but do need.

Participation method:

After login, By commenting on the site comment


Or send your own stories, pictures and other information to our email Baiyaostore@gmail.com, we will try to understand your situation, thus drawing the most in need of help. 

Result announcement:

We are now starting to gather suggestions ,hope that will be held in February,we publish a weekly list of  on website and at the same time inform recipients by email.

Case Result :https://www.yunnanbaiyaostore.com/reviews.html


Rights and obligations:

1.We make sure we do not charge anything.

2. It is fair for us to treat everyone based on kindness and fairness.

If there is no gift to you now, it must be we think there is other case need to solved, please understand, I hope the next can be to you.

3. Based on the principle of openness and fairness, we suggest that you put your case in the commentary area so that we can all see the cases, we provide to show fairness.

4. We have the right to discontinue the free activities if it has an irreconcilable negative effect.

Complimentary Yunnan Baiyao Capsules activities is a new attempt. Some rules or practices may not be perfect. Participants' understanding and suggestions are mutually reinforcing. We hope this activity can be sustained in the long run and sincerely help participants. Thank you!




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